After many years of passionate immersion into Teaching, Learning, Making and Sharing, at the beginning of this year I was excited to rocket launch my next new (ad)Venture, as Founder of Makerologie. I’ve worked extremely hard to arrive at this new milestone. Only this time, moments after stepping out of the plane, the world turned upside down. While free falling, I’ve been very quickly trying to assess, “what is up and what is down?”. As it turns out, it’s all a matter of perspective. Becoming a resource for learning communities, just as school and community centres were closing due to Covid-19, is well, just impeccable timing.

So the reinvention of my reinvention begins. This website will be a resource for anyone who wants to Make stuff, Teach or Learn something new or just think different. Foundational learning happens in school, but there are also a plethora of ways to learn beyond traditional school walls. In this blog I want to share the practical and philosophical spectrum of what it means to be a lifelong learner. I will share tips and tricks on Making, pursue Pedagogy and muse about the dispositions of what it means to be a “human-being” and not a “human-doing”.

Whenever I introduce myself at the beginning of a workshop or class, I always share my age in the format of a version number, like software. As with software, each new version marks a milestone of new achievements. But just like updates, when you introduce new functions and capabilities, something that worked in a previous version, breaks. We are our own projects in progress, with minor and major updates. You are always unfolding into the next best version of who you are and what you will share with the world. There are many bugs and glitches along the way, but we decide what code is important to fix and what we need to delete in order to move forward.

This Makerologie website and Blog is another opportunity for me to “walk my talk” and share how I continue to fall down and get back up again. I invite you to subscribe and join my journey and hope what I share with you is helpful as you become the next best version of you!